last updated April 19, 2021

LIYA Interest-Based Advertising Policy:

We may allow third-party advertising companies to target and show you advertisements when you visit the App. These third-party advertisers may send "cookies" to your computer or other device to gather information about your preferences to provide you with advertising that is more likely to relate to your interests. On occasion, YGSG may permit third-party advertisers and ad networks to place their own cookies on the App to track users' activities on the App. This enables such companies to recognize users so that when those users visit a third-party's website or application, advertising can be delivered that is tailored to the user's individual interests (whether for YGSG's services or for the products or services of others), based on what has been learned from the users' activity on the App or elsewhere. This practice is called "interest-based advertising," and the practices of these third-parties are not covered by this Privacy Policy. YGSG offers you choices about the collection of information on the App. YGSG adheres to the Digital Advertising Alliance's Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising. If you decide you do not want to receive personalized ads from third-party advertisers and ad networks please visit, where you can learn more about opting out from receiving interest-based advertising.