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A Personalized Career Training Game

curated by industry professionals from Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and more to help you get your dream job.




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Our content is designed by industry professionals with work experience at these top companies and more!

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About Us

We're an interdisciplinary team of industry professionals supporting job candidates with their application and interviewing processes.

Often, job applicants search for the tools that will set them apart and give them an edge. Learning industry lingo gives job seekers the tools to succeed and meet employers' expectations that candidates come in with the requisite knowledge to hit the ground running.

To be effective, we believe that preparation should be fun, interactive, and provide feedback and encouragement. So we created LIYA— a game that provides candidates with more confidence going into job interviews and in all on-the-job interactions.

How Was LIYA Built?

For each industry, we consulted accomplished professionals to identify key terms and relevant content.

Then, our team of software, visual, and learning professionals brought this app to life by designing unique quizzes and games!

The cognitive science learning technique of spaced repetition boosts your retention and recall of the knowledge you gain with LIYA.

Give yourself your best chance, try LIYA!

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